The Silverdale Bridge
31 March 2012, the old Silerdale Bridge used to cross the Little Fork River 27 miles northwest of Cook, on Minnesota State Highway #65. The bridge was constructed in 1877 and served near Sauk Centre, Minnesota before being moved to the Silverdale Community in 1937.  In 2009 the old bridge was disassembled and removed, after a new bridge over the Little Fork River was constructed. The bridge was finally moved to near Stillwater, Minnesota. The old bridge now serves to transport hikers over a highway.

Last month on my monthly trip to the Mayo Clinic we decided to locate the old bridge. At Wyoming, Minnesota we turned east off  Interstate 35 to old highway #61, then south 3/4 of a mile to the Bee Line Service garage to visit my nephew Chad Simonson, son of my brother Mike. Chad was located a mile north of Wyoming but his business expanded and he needed more space.

We continued south on highway 61 through Forest Lake to the Scandia Trail which is highway #97 that runs east. After driving through this beautiful countryside for five miles we turned south on the Manning Trail which is highway #15 for 10.8 miles. This is where the old bridge is now located, on the Gateway segment of the Willard Munger Trail.

The bridge has been totally restored and it looks like new. I walked around and under, taking a number of pictures. There were many people walking and biking this trail that day. It seems like a lot of money was spent in moving this bridge the 241 miles from Silverdale.
The Silverdale Bridge over Manning Avenue, highway 15

The old Silverdale Bridge, and the new Silverdale bridge of the Little Fork River
The Silverdale Bridge, by Matt Lohry, August 2008



Gateway Trail

My Nephew Chad Simonson and family at his Service garage in Wyoming, Minnesota

Chad & Jenny, Ryan, Michael, and Brooke

The old wrecker and car in front of Chad's Bee Line Service garage
If you need alignment, exhaust or tires, call Chad Simonson at; 651.462.2650.
Tell him his Uncle Don told you.

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