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27 May 2016


Our new e-mail address is simonson@cookmn.com

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  Al Andrews Book Signing

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"Last Full Service Gas Station"





by Muriel Simonson

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May 19th - A beautiful day to walk to the park!

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ROSS SWANSON   "Memories of the '40s & '50s"
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                      Trinity Quilters

DEATHS, 2016
Recent Obituaries On the Mlaker Website
Obituaries from the Past

Dear cookmn.com readers:

On 5 February, 2015, Don Simonson, the creator of this website, passed away. In March 2016, his wife Muriel Simonson and daughter Becky Trip started updating the website again.  

Don's Obituary on the Mlaker Funeral Home Website
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Gasoline prices   ~   Calculator

$2.29, Cook, 20 May 2016
$1.93, Orr, 24 April 2016
$2.09, Duluth, 07 May 2016
$2.59, California, 22 March 2016
$2.06, Hibbing MN, 13 May 2016
$2.29, Virginia MN, 19 May 2016
$2.00, Flagstaff AZ, 31 March 2016
$1.98, Orlando FL, 04 April 2016
$2.09, Wilmar MN, 14 April 2016
gas prices from previous years

  The View Out My Window

May 27, 2016
See How The View Has Changed
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