Highway 53 construction south of Cook

February 2013, construction started on the last section of the four-lane highway to Cook from Viriginia. This section of ten miles, from mile marker 82 to 92 at the City of Cook. This section of the four-lane from Virginia opened on August 29,2014, a beautiful safe highway.

KGM Construction of Angora has the contract. Their headquarters are at Sherman's Corner five miles south of Cook at the intersection of highway 53 and highways 1 and 22. They also constructed the ten miles of new four-lane Highway 53, ten miles from north of Virginia to the Muuska Mountain, a few years ago. They did a wonderfull job on this section of the highway, it is the nicest road in our area.

KGM was started by the childen of Forrest Abramson of Orr and is operated by Karla, Gary, Mark and Kerry, thus KGM. They hire a lot of local poeple so that is a great benefit to the area. Karla passed away on March 28, 2013 at the age of 52.

Check this information from the Minnesota Department of Transportation web site.

Map of the future road

The new four-lane at Sherman's Corner
(Highway 22 intersection, west to Highway 73)

Highway 1 intersection east toward Tower, with the new Highway 53 four-lane.
(This intersection is where the Nieters House stood, at Sherman's Corner)


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