Silverdale, pictures sent by Ross Swanson
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More Pictures of Silverale


Celina and Silverdale School Students
Sent: Saturday, May 23, 2011
Subject: School Photos from Celina & Silverdale


Hi Don…


The Celina & Silverdale School photos I sent you two weeks ago have drawn so much response that I have been encouraged to go through my mother’s photo album one more time and I have put together another dozen photos – many of them with names – for the enjoyment of your readers.


I am planning on coming Up Nort later this summer, and Violet (Rude) Hall has promised that she will share her photo album with me…so there may even be some additional photos to share with you in the Fall.


I also appreciate you posting my website address.  I originally formatted the website for wide-screen monitors, but I have now reformatted the website so it will fit on regular-size monitors for easier viewing.


Warm Regards,


Ross Swanson


Sent: Saturday, May 07, 2011
Subject: School Photos from Celina & Silverdale

Hello Don: 

Here are four photos from 1926 – 1936 of the Celina School and the Silverdale School.  I have added the names that were anointed on Marion (Rude) Swanson’s photo album, and I apologize ahead of time for any spelling errors.  Most of people in the photos are no longer living – although I understand that Clara Dahl is very much alive at the age of 90+.  I suspect there will be second and third generation people who will recognize the names, if not the faces.


Ross Swanson

Redding, CA

Ross is a nephew of Violet Rude Hall 


Ross is a nephew of Violet Rude Hall 

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