by Muriel Simonson

One of the many events held at the new Cook Community Center since it opened was the Women’s Health Fair at 5 pm on October 5th, 2016.  As  guests  arrived  we were greeted at the sign in table where we registered for a number of prizes which were distributed at the end of the evening.  The area was inviting with lovely table decorations and many booths set up. A lovely light buffet lunch was enjoyed.

As we arrived the walk through colon tour was very visible which had displays of our inside with examples of various problems which can reside there including polyps, beginning cancer,  more advanced cancer as well as other problems.

Marjorie Johnson gave a very enlightening presentation . There are more than 100 kinds of cancer. Family history is important, but four out of five people are the first ones in their family to get it. Cancer deaths have decreased by 20% since 1991. Research, early detection and better treatments have contributed to this improvement.  Lung cancer is # one followed by colon cancer # 2 as the leading causes of cancer deaths.

Information on diabetes was presented by Jana Bell. Thirty million Americans have diabetes. Eighty six million Americans have pre-diabetes. Life changes can make a difference, family history and being over age forty five are risk factors.

Dr. Josie Norberg Lopez of Scenic Rivers gave an excellent presentation on breast cancer and breast health. . 

The motivational speaker for the evening was a petite woman, Mary Shideler. She spoke a bit of her family background and  about her mother who was also very petite, “bucket list” of various adventures, walking the China Wall, riding a camel, riding in a race car, and many more which all included Mary. Her mother lived energetically into her eighties!  Mary certainly inherited her late mother’s enthusiasm and zest for an active life. She encouraged all of us to make memories with our families and others in our lives.

There were many tables with displays, information, as well as blood pressure, diabetes, and other interactive opportunities available.

All in all, it was an informative and enjoyable evening. 

Inside the colon

Some of the informational booths and attendees

Becky Barnes was the lucky winner of Mary's book, "Mary the Kayak Lady"