by Muriel Simonson

Where were you, what were you doing, how did it affect your life those few days?

Twenty five years have gone by quickly!  The snow came quickly, continuing to affect the area for several days. I have included a few photos from our (Don's) photo album which indicated that we had 24 inches  of snow during that period of time.  The photos were taken on Nov. 2nd.  I believe that Halloween was on Thursday that year? 

I have also included some information obtained from Wikepedia:

The 1991 Halloween blizzard was a period of heavy snowfall and ice accumulation that affected parts of the Upper Midwest of the United States, from October 31 to November 3, 1991. Over the last week of October 1991 a large storm system over the Atlantic Ocean (1991 Perfect Storm) blocked most of the weather patterns over the eastern half of the United States, and in turn moisture from the Gulf of Mexico was funneled straight northward over the affected region. By the time the precipitation stopped falling many cities in the eastern half of Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin had witnessed record early-season snowfall accumulations, while parts of southern Minnesota and northern Iowa were crippled by a large ice storm. Arctic air that was pulled southward behind the storm had combined with the heavy snow pack to produce many record low temperatures. Between the blizzard and the ice storm 22 people were killed and over 100 were injured.

Many cancellations, plans changed

More photos around town


Cook News Herald,  the building to the left was Doctor Heiam's old Cook Hospital that became an apartment building.  This building was destroyed by a fire.  Cook Building Center now have a building which they constructed for some of the building supplies.


Don busy clearing our front steps and sidewalks.  There was much snow removal needed, not only at home but also plowing and cars to dig out of the snow drifts at the dealership!