by Muriel Simonson

Was held at the Cook Public Library from 4 to 6 pm on March 2nd. with many enjoying the evening as they looked at books, checked out books and sampled a number of the delicious food and beverages prepared from the recipes contained in the mystery books. Recipes of these samples were available to take home to prepare, serve and enjoy the results.

Welcome to the Cozy Mystery Event.


Displays of books, recipes from the books, and food from the recipes to be enjoyed.


Another display.


The Red Velvet Cupcakes made from the recipe in this book.


The only non-eating recipe, which included beauty tips from foods.


Enjoying some of the many varieties of food from the recipes in the mystery books.


Checking out books.


The computers are busy & popular with all ages.


An important part of the library is the organization, "Friends of the Library," which provides physical assistance, fund raisers and monetary gifts.  Notice the sign by the teacups.


 Librarian, Margaret Jarka  and Head librarian, Crystal Phillips.


Next time you stop in at the library, take notice of the lovely sign designed & carved by Harris Youngquist. He & his wife, Judy (Kronholm), "retired" after 40  years as missionaries in Japan, but continued serving in the ministry in various ways all these years in our area. They are now both in their 90's.


The library was established in February of 1936 by the Cook Study Club (later called the Cook Women’s Club)  with 135 books. It would be interesting to know how many books we have now.. The first library was located in the “old”  school which was demolished many years ago. Mrs. Knapp, (Chuck’s mother) was the librarian.  The expenses were met by the Club members and local businessmen.  Help was received from the village council which allotted space for the library in its new Village Hall in 1949.  They shared space with the city officers, the fire department, the police department and one jail cell.  In 1967, the Cook Library became a part of the Arrowhead Library System, which provides a rotating stock of books along with many library services for several counties. The Cook Women’s Club continued to raise funds with a variety of fund raisers, including used book sales each summer, until the club was dissolved. 

When the city offices moved to their present building (which served previously as a visitor center) and the new fire hall was built, the library went through a major remodeling.  The area which had been the garage for the fire trucks is now a major part of the library.  The Sherriff’s department now maintains an office when their officers are in our area.  During the remodeling time the Arrowhead Library System allowed us to have one of their bookmobile trucks which was kept parked in front of the city offices area.

Other librarians who served over the years in addition to Mrs. Knapp were Angelette (Angie) Gustafson, & Lois Larson, and a few others in recent years. Crystal Phillips is currently head librarian, who is assisted by librarian Margaret Jarka. They receive additional help from volunteers as well as the Library Board.  Funding is provided in a number of ways, including the City of Cook, and the local townships provide some funding as our library is utilized by people from many areas.