Autumn Birds

by Muriel Simonson

Winter has arrived a bit early.  Hungry birds were busy in the little tree in the front yard.  Every time a car went by they flew away. When I went out to take a photo, even though I was very quiet and moved slowly, they all flew away. I stood by the corner of the house quietly. Soon one bird returned, looked around, checked out the scene, then began to chirp. It was interesting to listen to the communication. Soon I could hear another bird answer from the woods, then a few more. One returned to the tree, then another, then two more, soon the entire flock was back chirping and eating their buffet of berries and seeds that were on the little tree. The first bird must have been communicating to them that it was safe to return to their buffet. 

Since then I have also observed a robin who is still here enduring the winter weather.  Why?  Procastination? Optomism? Missed the weather report?  This little robin reminded me of the song I remember a bit of from many years ago.  "Got a penny for a poor little robin, walkin', walkin, walkin' to Missouri?  He can't afford to fly."  I don't recall the rest of the lyrics.