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presently serving


Dr. Harold Johnston, 01 Jul 1974 started his practice at the Ashawa Clinic the day it opened. David Bachelder also started the same day as a physicians aid. Doctor Johnston lives in Cook with his wife Carol, they have two grown daughters; Wendy and Jennifer.


Dr. Joanne K. Intvelt, joined the Ashawa Clinic on the 1st of August 1990 as an internal medicine physician. She completed her residence at the University of Minnesota. She graduated from the Colorado College of Medicine. Doctor Intvelt was a registered nurse and respiration therapist. She has practiced medicine in Mirja, India. Doctor Intvelt lives in the Linden Grove Community with her four adopted children; Neela, Lekah, Joseph and Eddie.


The Cook Medical Clinic


The first medical services were provided by Doctors from their offices in the Village of Cook and of course they made house calls.


In 1928 Doctor William C. Heiam established a practice in the Cook General Hospital which was which owned and operated by him. After the Cook Community Hospital opened in 1959, Doctor Heiam closed his old hospital building (later an apartment that burned in 2000).


The Lenont-Peterson Clinic had an office in the Brown Building (past post office) with Doctor Floyd Swenson being the physician. Each of the doctors had visiting previous with the Cook Hospital. When Doctor Heiam retired in 1969 and the Virginia Clinics closed their offices the hospital tried hiring a physician. It was a costly venture and was hard for one doctor to provide 24 hour service.


The community came together with the need of a clinic and funds were raised to construct a building next to the hospital.  In 1974 the Group Health Association became the manager of this clinic and they employed the doctors.  Doctor Jack Jordan a dentist at the clinic organized the present Group Area Health Services in about 1980. The Administrator is Mike Holmes who is also the business manager for the Cook Community Hospital.  Elizabeth Martinson Storm is the Assistant Administrator and is in charge of the daily operation of the clinic which also includes 

two dentists.


Past physicians


Dr. J. W. Kurz, 1914-1919 was the first resident doctor in the Village. He was blind. His office was in the west end of the First State Bank building which is now the drug store. This information taken from the 50th anniversary book of Cook.


Dr. Wilfred McKechnie, 1919-1926 served as a contract doctor. He was supported by subscriptions and was subject to being called anytime by the ones he was contracted to in advance. He was on the staff of the hospital at St. Peter, Minnesota in 1943.


Dr. Royal Gray, 1926-1928 served until Dr. William C Heiam came.


Dr. William C. Heiam served from 28 February 1928 until retiring on 31 Dec 1969.

Doctor Heiam was born in Duluth MN on the 8th of September 1889, he died 30 Oct

1976 at the Cook Community Nursing Home. Dr. Heiam and his wife Louise Neal had  two children, William "Bud" Heiam the father of  Becky (Larry) Barnes of Cook, and Barbara Barriger.


After Louise passed away Doctor Heiam later married his long time nurse Margaret Beatty (Tom*) Savage, she passed away on the 7th of April 1987. Margaret was  the daughter of James & Mary Lillian Beatty who were early Cook settlers.  The Heiam's  had a beautiful yard with a greenhouse. This house was later the home of Dale & Sandi  Olson, Tim & Kari Johnson and now Dan & Jodi Julkowski. Dr. Heiam served as the mayor of Cook from 1945 to 1969, he was active in community affairs.


1928, 20 June, the first baby delivered in the village of Cook by Doctor Heiam was Norman Johnson who is still of the Cook area and his twin sister Marcia. He had delivered other babies in the country at their homes.  In 1932 Doctor Heiam established the first hospital in Cook, it was known as "Cook General", it started with four beds and grew to 15.  This  building was the Amundson Apartments, next to the Cook News Herald.  Adolph Johnson was the first patient in the new hospital. The first baby born in the Cook General Hospital was James Amundson on the 3rd of October 1932. James is an uncle to Joe Amundson of Cook. The Amundson Apartment Building was totally destroyed on the 22nd of January 2000.


Dr. Floyd Swenson, 26 Oct 1959 joined the Lenont-Peterson Clinic in Cook, left 10 Dec 1961. The office was in the Brown Building next to the post office. The Swenson's had a house constructed just north of Cook which later the home of John & Verdella Musech, presently the home of Richard "Buck" & Penny Buckingham.


Dr. Roy Toyama, 07 Jul 1960, joined the Lenont-Peterson Clinic, left 15 Dec 1962. His office was in the clinic which was located next to the old Post Office in the Black Building.


Dr. David Dixon, 10 Jul 1960, joined the Cook Hospital staff. He lived in Dr Kahn's house in Cook which is now the home of Clara Chosa. His office was in the Lenont-Peterson Clinic next to the Post Office. Dr. Dixon was married while living here. He left in September of 1964.


Dr. Hans Peter Bartholdt, 16 Nov 1964 started his practice in Cook at the Lenont-Peterson Clinic. After moving his Lake Vermilion Clinic from Soudan in 1965, Dr. Hans Peter Bartholdt took over as the practicing physician in Cook in the old post office building that he shared with the dentist, Dr. Kahn in the Brown Building (the old post office). The Doctor left in 1972 to practice at Mora, Minnesota, he died on 08 Jul 1973 at 50 years of age at Mora. Dr. Bartholdt was from Germany, his wife Helga and their children; Sabine Joy and Rolf Peter & Lynette Bartholdt. While living in Cook they lived in the house that is now the home of John & Jane Marconett.


Dr. Masuad Farooq, 04 Dec 1968 started his practice, in the office vacated by Doctor Heiam which was the old Cook General Hospital Building.  Dr. Farooq was born in India in 1933, his wife was Susan, daughter Yasmin, sons Michael and James. They made their home south of Cook 2.5 miles on highway 53 which is presently the home of George & Lucy Pellinen. He left on 25 Jun 1971 to take a practice at Waupun, Wisconsin. He passed away in 1982.


Drs. James & Morgan Hostetter, 01 Jul 1972 a husband and wife team started practicing at the Cook Hospital where they also held office hours..


Dr. Guido Schynoll  started 1 Sep 1973, he was the first to practice in the new Northland Medical Center Clinic building which is our present Cook Area Health Services Clinic.  Doctor Schynoll, his wife Ute, sons Gerald & Wolfram lived in the house he bought from Walter & Marge Miller. Recently the home of Joe & Valerie Amundson, now the home of Tim & Angie Waldner and family. Tim is the plant manager at the hospital.  Dr Schynoll died on 15 Dec 1973 at this house.


Dr. Bruce Garbisch , 01 Jul 1977 joined the Ashawa Clinic. Doctor Garbisch lives a mile out of town with his wife Lois and children; Andrew and Naomi. Their daughter Anna is now attending Gustavus Adolphus College. Dr. Garbisch left the Cook Clinic on January 1, 2005 to serve at the Hibbing Veterans Clinic. Dr. Garbisch continues to serve as the Medical Director of the Cook Nursing Home. He is there every week working both seeing his nursing home patients, as he did before, and also doing the work necessary as Medical Director. He is certified in geriatrics and pursuing his certification in nursing home director work. He is also director of the Cook Ambulance Service. The other doctors are directors of the other area ambulances.



Duane Sushoreba, joined the Dental Clinic on 11 Sep 1986. Duane lives on Lake Vermilion with his wife Denise and three sons; Nicholas, Steven and Adam.


Craig Mrosak, joined the Dental Clinic on April 1, 2003.



Past Dentists


Dr. Robert Van Etta, his office was upstairs in what is the oldest building in Cook. It was constructed as the Anderson Brothers Store in 1904. It was last used as the Picek tool Rental business and is now vacant.


Dr. Fred Gorham opened a dental office in 1936 above the Cook General Hospital where he practiced from Thursday to Saturday for 20 years. He had a full time practice in Virginia.


Dr. Leon Kahn,  01 Apr 1976 opened his office in the Brown Building. Dr Kahn passed away at the age of  51 on 26 Mar 1976. His wife was the former Ellen Perkola. He was the father to four sons; Fred, Steve, Thomas, Randy.


Dr. Jack Jordan was the first dentist in our new clinic building.  Jack promoted the clinic to what it is now. He left the dental practice to establish a health care business in California. He and Joan have a home on Lake Vermilion and a farm in Tennessee.


Dr. William Tuuri started his practice in 1977 at the Cook Clinic. His association with our clinic

ended on 19 March 1983 when he drowned along with his two sons.  They were crossing Lake Vermilion on the ice when his snowmobile went into open water. Doctor Tuuri was 32 years of age.  His son Will was five years old and Luke was three. Dr. Tuuri had been married for eight years to his wife Diane (Desannoy) Tuuri. She continued to lived on the lake, she later married Frank Kaml Jr. of Cook.  Diane died on the 5th of July 2000.


Dr. Tim Sprouls, joined the Dental staff at the Cook Area Health Services in June of 1989. He served in Cook until December 1996. Tim is now serving in Norfolk, Nebraska where he lives with his wife Beth and family. While living in Cook their home was the former Trinity Lutheran Church parsonage in downtown Cook.


Travis Shearer DDS. Dr Shearer joined the Cook Clinic on the 23rd of March 1998. Travis lives on a farm in the Greaney area.


Hospital Administrators

Mrs. Pearl Bradbury Ostlund


John Synder, 1 Jun 1963 - 31 May 1969


Nick Riley, 1 Jun 1969


Mrs. Lineta Scott

   Also served as the Assistant to Snyder and Riley


Al Vogt



Clinic Administration


Mike Holmes

Business manager of the Cook Hospital since 9 Mar 1977. Also administrator of the attached clinic. Mike is considered the most knowledgeable person in rural medical care in Northern Minnesota.


Elizabeth Storm

Assistant manager of the Clinic