Videos and Still photos Links sent by readers

We receive a number of videos each week, many of which we find very interesting.

But, many of our readers do not have fast internet and may not be able to watch them

Also some do not have the web site address the video is found on,

It will help if you send the address of the video or a special feature


Think about It

Sent by John Branstrom

Great Soup




Think about It

Sent by John Branstrom

 "Think about it.!" - YouTube



The Norwegian Marching Guard

Sent by Verner Eliason


Cabin Quilting
Cook, Minnesota


Cook's Country Connection

A new Petting Farm



Cutting a tree, from the top down

Sent by John Branstrom

John Branstrom also sent this...



The Path of the Warrior

Sent by Don Kishel



New way to split firewood

Sent by Ray Ranta


Planes flying over your home

Jack Petruska,-96.8/5?&_suid=1396977777919014752486898501854



Take a Walk

In God We Trust

Sent by Verner Eliason



The Norwegian Guard

Sent by Verner Eliason



Burial on the Arizona

Sent by Bill Barnes


Last survivor of the Arizona

From the Mpls Star, obituary section

sent by John Branstrom




Traffic in Saigon

Sent by John Branstrom



Old Car Trivia

Sent by John Branstrom



Driving a car in Russia

Sent by Vern Eliason



The 1940's

Sent by John Branstrom



This man owned & drove the same car for 77 YEARS.
Sent by John Nylund



Ford built one B-24 each 55 minutes

Sent by John Branstrom

The B-24 Liberator


Bird Watching

Evan and his father Josh Wallestad



Automobile Trivia

sent by John Branstrom



Who is Jesus


Scale model

Sent by Dennis Reber

A miniature functioning replica 1932

1934 Montgomery-Wards Catalog


Paper is not dead!

Arleen Dall Blake


The Golden Age of the Automobile

sent by John Barnes

Some beautiful oldies


Miniature 1949 Mercury

Sent by Dick Chapman



This video shows commercial fishing boats re-entering over the bar at the mouth
 of the Columbia River between Western Washington
and Oregon.

Sent by Dick Chapman

Passing the Columbia River Bar



Music with Verner Eliason

Class of 1960

Smooth Grove Band



President's Prayer Breakfast

February 07, 2013

Dr. Carson's Speach




Well, it finally happened.

I've been sending so many e-mails lately,

that my cursor actually overheated.
Check it out for yourself

Sent by John Branstrom


Flaming cursor




Inside a Shuttle

sent by Bill Woods


Para Hawk USA

Sent by Dick Chapman



Good Fun for the Gipper

Sent by Verner Eliason


Were we founded as a Christian Nation?


20 things you may not have know about the number one Cadillac


Amazing WWII Aircraft Facts

Dick Chapman

43,000 planes lost overseas, WWII



100 year old singer



The Early Days of VCY (Voice of Christian Youth)

Vic Eliason, formerly of Cook, Minnesota


I am a Christian

ďAt a time when Godís truth is being attacked on all sides,

now more than ever,

 Christians need to take a stand and declare their faith in Jesus Christ.



Can't balance the budget

Sent by Ross Swenson



(Iron Range Resources Rehabilitation Board)


Virtual Aerial Tour of the USA!

Sent by John Branstrom


This is not a Polictical video,

it applies to Democrats and Republians


How much is a Hundred Dollars?


Are we living in an upside down Country

Keith Novak


General Motors Auto Museum

John Branstrom


The Underground world of Ants

Arlene Blake


100 year old Lady on the Jay Leno show

Sent by Jim Petrell


Laurel & Hardy Driving School

Sent by John Branstrom



Our God is an Artist


Who was Haym Solomon?

Sent by Arlene Blake


Strange old vehicles

Sent by John Branstrom


Paul Harvey


Social Economics


Crash between 1959 and 2009 Chevrolet

Sent by John Simonson


Wisconsin State Budget

Sent by Vern Eliason



Sent by John Barnes


Head-on crash on a slippery road

Sent by Sharon Taylor


Why there are no more lumberjacks

Sent by Ray Ranta


A man with-out arms or legs

Sent by Vermer Eliason


Chevrolet convertibles

Sent by John Nylund


Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer's Remedy

Sent by Verner Eliason


Civil War Pictures

sent by Martin Silvi


Take your cars keys with you to bed


White Deer of Wisconin

Sent by Verner Eliason


Lake Superor facts

Sent by Ray Ranta

Chevys of the 50s

Sent by Sharon Taylor


Spare tire used to park car

Sent by Verner Eliason


Largest Car Museum

Sent by Verner Eliason


Wal-Mart Car Show

Sent by John Branstrom


Liza Root's knitting blog

Sent by Mary Conger


New Car brochures for cars of the past

Sent by John Barnes, also Sharon Taylor


Ford Automobile magazine

Sent by Ron Maki (Alango)


Airplane landing in the Hudson River

Sent by John Branstrom


Hot Rod Golf Karts

Sent by Jerry Maas



Sent by Donald Doroff


Madness in the Fast Lane


911 Flight

Sent by Kay Karklin


Ghost Car

Sent by Keith Olson

See-thru body


The Beauty of Math

Arlene Blake


 The National Debt

Sent by James Petrell


The Norwegian Guard

Sent by Verner Eliason


"Fender Skirts"

Sent by Carol Greiner


One man barbershop

Sent by Greg Olson



Man cut in half
Sent by Carol Keister
The car that in 1954 could have 'killed' the Corvette

Sent by Karen Hollanitsch


Thanksgiving Greetings

From Teri Kallio (Darrell)


Water bottle lights

Arlene Blake


Amazing Grace

Sent by John Branstrom



Old Gas Stations

Sent by Bill Barnes



A letter from Mom & Dad

Sent by Marge Pylkka


Willard Pearson and others talking about rural Electricity

Sent by his daughter Sharon Elg


Take this Test
Sent by John Branstrom


The new Goverment Health Care program

Sent by Vern Eliason


180 Movie


Old Movies


Electic Drag Racer

Sent by John Branstrom 


1936 Pontiac Assembly line

Sent by John Branstrom


911 Pilot

Sent by John Branstrom



Beautiful Car Collection

Sent by Trevor Olson



History of the "Bow Tie" which has been the Chevrolet trade mark



If my people who are called by my name

Sent by Jerry & Liz Maas


The Model T Ford assembly line

Send by John Bransrom

They don't write songs about Toyotas and Volvos

Sent by Mike Naughton

Glass Elevator Ride, up the outside of the Sears Tower

Sent by John Branstrom

The space station
Sent by Kathy Zallar

What happended the year you were born?
Sent by John Branstrom

Amazing paint job on this Camaro
Sent by Dan Picek

Tunnel of Death
Sent by John Branstrom

New car literature of the past

David Leding takes a challenge
(Class of 1973 graduate of the Cook High School)

Lost Generation

Sent by Carol Greiner

At a meeting of the AARP (American Association of Retired People) they showed a video

that was submitted in a contest by a 20 year old. The contest was titled 'u @ 50'.

This video won second place.


Meet Jasmine, the rescue dog who has become a surrogate mother

Sent by Bruce Furu


Birthday Gifts

Sent by Jack Petruska



Sent by Teresa Kallio


It's No Secret

Sent by; Arleen Dall Blake


Airplane that landed in the Hudson River, hauled through town

Sent by; Arleen Dall Blake


Stimulus Package watch for all the States

Sent by Jack Petruska


Crock Pot Recipes

Sent by Jack Petruska


Working model of Noah's Ark

Sent by Arlene Blake



Smallest operating V8 engine

Sent by Jack Petruska


Moose and baby in the yard

Sent by Art Tomes


How the Corporate logos may look after the Global problems

Sent by Jean Johansen


Semi-trailers that look different

Sent by Bruce Furu

Remember these?

Sent by Martin Silvi


The Washington Monument

Sent by Tim Mankowski


Old Gas Stations

Sent by Kathy Zallar


Now these are real icicles

Send by Carol Keister


Cars of the 50's

Sent by John Barnes


The Candy Cane Legend

sent by Tim Mankowksi


How to build cars

sent by John Branstrom



Artwork in the eye of a needle


Scripture Christmas Tree 

sent by Fred & Linda Wilcox

(Click on flowers)


Do You Remember When?

Sent by Marcia price


This video takes about 10 minutes but it is well worth the time if you want to remember the differences between the

"Republic" as our founding fathers intended  our Country to be or as the "Democracy" it is becoming.

Sent by John Barnes



Meet Logan, The Sky Angel Cowboy - CBN News

Sent by Sharon Pearson Elg

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