30 June


1956, 30 Jun, the grand opening of the new Johnson One Stop Marine store, owned by Marshall Johnson. Fire destroyed the place on 10 May 1977. John & Verdella Musech bought the land and the motel.  In 1978 they opened the first Convenience store in Cook, the Country Store. It is now owned by their son Tom Musech.


1969, 30 Jun. Wilho “Speed” Gustafson 53


   Bernice (Martinson) Gustafson 70,1993


   Judy & Jon Lindquist,

   Patricia & Michael Roberts,

   William Gustafson,

  Danna Gustafson 46,2006

   Daniel Gustafson.


   Gust Adiel 86, 1971 & Justina* (Jacobson) Gustafson


   Helen Gustafson,  Ella 79, 1986 & Albert 79, 1987 Holter, 

   Ollie 78, 1987 & Lawrence “LD” 81, 1975 Gustafson,

   Gust Jr 78, 1988 & Elfva 71, 1986 Gustafson, 

   Walter 71, 1983 & Clara (Dall) Gustafson,

   Elmer 45,1959 & Sigrid (Simonson) Gustafson, 

   Wilho “Speed” 53, 1969 & Bernice 70,1993 (Martinson) Gustafson.


1971, 30 Jun, Adam Kattainen 79


   Katherine (Hallinen) Kattainen 27, 1930


   John Kattainen 69, 1992,

   Agnes 73, 1997 (Charles Ervin) Scott 73,1997


Lucille Eddy Sundeen

2006, 30 Jun, Lucille Sundeen (103 years old)


    Carl Sundeen 73, 1977


   Winnifred 69, 1997 & Clifford 53, 1976 Eggerdahl,

   Lorraine & Oscar 81,2008 Carlson,

   Gene & Barbara Sundeen,

   Faith & Irving Brodeen,

   Carl Jr. & Helen Sundeen,

   Eddy & Jackie Sundeen,

   Dennis & Pat Sundeen,

   Hope & George Blomberg.


29 June


Joel Lawson built the third floor in 1992   ~   The Comet under construction in 1940

1992, 29 Jun, Joel & Dana Lawson bought Comet Theater. They sold to John & Carol Metsa in 2000. This theater was constructed by Lawrence Gustafson Sr.


1998, 29 Jun, the Silent Prints Gift Shop moved to the old Wurzel Ice Cream Parlor from the Olson Well Drilling office building. This building is now the home of the Dreamweavers Beauty Shop.


28 June


McDonalds posted this sign

2003, 28 Jun. City of Cook Water was found to be contaminated. Bottled water was distubuted and businesses were closed.


1996, 28 Jun, Paul Rostvit 91

1st wife; Laura (Gilbertson) Rostvit

Paul & Laura adopted 3 children, Joan 66, 2005 (Bill) Hawkinson and her brother Greg (Julie Hill) Rostvit and another boy (he's not blood) Gale. They all went by Rostvit after theyྭwere adopted. Greg & Joan have siblings that are biological that were adopted byྭanother family. There were 4 biological kids born to Lloyd & Mary Norsted. Theyྭdivorced and the kids got adopted out. The oldest 2 which were Joan & Greg wentྭto the Rostvits and the youngest 2 went to a family in Two Harbors. As adults theyྭfound each other and all communicate.ྭ

2nd wife; Hazel (Mostolla) Rostvit



Donna Bachel Huffman, class of 1968

2001, 28 Jun. Donna (Bachel) Huffman 51


   John Huffman





    Donald 61,1973 & Angella 68,1985 (Spychalla) Bachel


   Mary Ann 60,2006 & Erick Kanian,

   Donna 51,2001 & John Huffman,

   Don & Debbie (Marks) Bachel

27 June


1965, 27 Jun, Ray Gustason retired as the Chief of the Cook Fire Department after 20 years. He was also the one-man maintenance employee for the Village of Cook.


The Orr Cafe, Bruns Grocery Store and Patten's Cafe, burning

1994, 27 Jun, fire destroyed much of downtown Orr, including the Orr Café, Brun’s IGA grocery store and Patten’s Café. The town did recover with each business rebuilding. The next morning as I worked at my desk, I heard on my police scanner the most immortal words I have ever personally heard. The Deputy Sheriff on duty that day was not called during the fire being he was off-duty, as he drove into the City of Orr from the Myrtle Lake area; He said to the Midway Dispatcher in an excited voice: "What Happened."


1995, 27 Jun, Walter Salo hired as the administrator of the City of Cook. He left on 5 Oct 1999 to work for the Nett Lake Reservation.

26 June


1989, 26 Jun, the new office for Cook Police was completed. This was the first office, it was located in a stall of the Cook Fire Hall. This area is now part of the library, in fact where the librarians desk is located. Later the Police Department is located where the City Council Chambers were from 1948 until 1992 when City Hall was moved to its current location, the old Visitors Center.


1980, 26 Jun, Donald R. Johnson 53


   Walter Alfred 72,1977 & Elma (Kutsi) 64,1973 Johnson


   Leon Johnson,

   Donald Johnson 53, 1980,

   Gene Johnson 76,2004,

   Delores “Dee”& Jeff Folmer


1996, 26 Jun, Julia (Efta) Danyluk 79


   Andrew Danyluk 64,1976


   Judy & Donald 58, 1994 Bixby,

   Julieann & Ronald Hanson,

   Michael Danyluk,

   Robert Danyluk,

   Lindie & Terry “Shortie” Newman


2000, 26 Jun, Thyra Erickson 91


   Fred Erickson 77, 1973


   Warren & Gail Erickson,

   Shirley & Ralph Stordal,

   Don & Karen Erickson.


Donald Charles Delich

2003, June 26. Donald C. Delich 85


   Bernice (Trygg) Delich


   Donald (Georgia) Delich Jr.,

   John (Trudy) Delich,

   James (Shirley) Delich


25 June


1971, 25 Jun., Dr. Masaud Faroog left his medical practice in Cook to move to Waupun, Wisconsin. He had opened his Cook office on Dec. 04, 1968 in the former Cook General Hospital building. Doctor Heiam's office was there before his retirement.


Raymond Joseph Hill

1991, 25 Jun, the Cook Airport was renamed the Raymond Hill Field. Ray was instrumental in the founding of the Cook Airport in 1946. Of course then the runway was of grass and the entrance was off the Ralph Road south of Cook. Ray donated a lot of time and money toward the airport improvements. He was very generous with the use of his Hill Wood factory tractors, loaders and trucks to maintain the airport. Ray passed away on September 17, 2004 at the age of 80.


1980, 25 Jun, George Fox 82


   Orda Fox 82,1972


   Richard & Elaine (Kero) Fox,

   Janet 76, 2003 & Ed DuBois

Second wife:

   Hilda (Makela) Stenbeck Fox 94, 2001

24 June



Don Simonson, John Musech, Dick Fox, Edren Hyppa, Ray Gustason,

in the order they served as the Chief of the Cook Fire Department, 1945-1981

1974, 24 Jun, Dick Fox retired as the Chief of the Cook Fire Department, he was a member of the department for 20 years. Ray Gustafson 82,1988 was the first Fire Chief after the Department was reorganized after the Kjellberg Fire in 1945.  Edren Hyppa 83,1999, manager of the Pajari Maytag Sales which was then located in what is now the Montana Cafe.  Dick was the owner of the Fox Hardware store in Cook.  John Musecch, owner of the Big Dollar grocery Store.  Don Simonson, owner of the Simonson Chevrolet dealership.      


1986, 24 Jun, the bridge on highway 53 over the Little Fork River near Kathy Leding’s was moved over to be used as a detour while the new bridge was being constructed. The old bridge was constructed in 1931 when highway 53 replaced old #11 that went through downtown Cook.


1987, 24 Jun, 300 pedal bikers led by Jim Klobuchar stopped in Cook for the night, they camped in the downtown park.


1992, 24 Jun, the bridge south of Cook on highway 53 over the Rice River near Bill Benko’s home was moved over to be used as a detour during the construction of a new bridge, it was built in 1931 to replace the highway #11 bridge.


1997, 24 Jun, the nation’s speed limits were raised back to 70 mph on the interstate highways.


Jesse Gilbert Simonson

1989, 24 Jun., Jesse Simonson 78


   Norma (Anderson) Simonson 89,2007


   Don & Muriel (Anderson) Simonson,

   Jerry & Irene (Edblom) Simonson,  

   Duane 68,2007 & Sherry (LaFlex) Simonson,

   Mike & Mary (Geib) Simonson


2002, 24 Jun, Harry Scofield 85


   Elva Fuller Scofield 92,2008











2006, 24 Jun., Lillian Latikka Peltonen 92


   Uno Peltonen 96,2005


   Irene & Allan Kuala,

   Floyd 57,1993 & Mary Lou (Sanko) Peltonen,

   Karen & Sam Carson.

23 June


2009, 23 Jun, ten more miles of four-lane of Highway 53 opened this day with the South-bound finished. Now we have 16 miles of expressway from Cook to Virginia. This ten mile section was constructed by the KMG Construction Company of Angora. They did a beautiful job and the road has wintered two years of our freezing weather with-out damage to the surface.


Jerry Huseby ~ 1957 Cook High School grad ~ 2009

2009, 23 Jun, Jerome “Jerry” Huseby 70


   Cheryl Oslund Huseby





    Oliver 89,1997 & Fannie 57,1969 (Maki) Huseby


    Donna & Jack 64,1996 Rautiola,

   Jerry & Cheryl Huseby,

   Michael & Gloria Huseby,

   Kirsten & Lee Nurmi


22 June

1957, 22 Jun, the A & W Stand opened in Cook,. The owners were Matt 73,1993 & Marion 89,2009 (Martinson) Vertnick. The stand was located where the VFW Club House is now.



1964, 22 Jun, Mike Picek and Russell Pascuzzi took over the ownership and management of the Brodeen Pure Oil Station. They renamed the business Russ & Mike Pure Oil.  This was the oldest continuous location for a service station in Cook. The first owner of a gasoline pump there was Verner Bergren, the next owners Herman Kjellberg, Eghner Edblom, Bert Helstrom, Don Delich, Irving Brodeen, Russ Pascuzzi & Mike Picek. Mike bought out Russ and later sold to the Edwards Oil Company. The station is now closed. The first gas pumps in town were in front of general stores.


1992, 22 Jun, the Northern Farmers Co-op store building was put up for sale, the place burned on October 4, 1994.


1968, 22 Jun, Donald Abrahamson Jr. 20


   Donald "Ole" 86,2008 & Evelyn (Johnson) Abrahamson


   Kevin Abrahamson


1996, 22 Jun, Eva (Sokoloski) Nylund 80


   Ted Nylund 84,1994


   Bennet (Donna) Nylund,

   Kurtiss (Marcia) Nylund,

   Beatrice (Ronald 55,1992) Amundson,

   Janet (Frank) Tomsich,

   Gary (Kathy) Nylund,

   Karen (Lee) Schaar. 


21 June


1989, 21 Jun, the second floor of the building added to the drug store was removed. This building was originally constructed as the First State Bank in 1911. It is one of the older buildings in Cook. This place had the first concrete sidewalks in town, Cook had boardwalks until 1941. The first telephone exchange office was located upstairs, later a dentist office.


1999, 21 Jun, Liisa (Santa) Wilkin 95


   Benjamin Brown Wilkin 69,1970


   Ben Wilkin Sr. 81, 2006 & Doris 77, 2003 (Gustafson) Wilkin,

   Clara & Matt Niemi

20 June


The Hanson Furniture store as it looks now.

1946, 20 Jun, Dick & Roy Hanson started construction on their meat locker plant. This is where people stored their frozen meat before everyone had a freezer in their homes. Hansons later switched to selling appliances and furniture. Dick’s daughter Diane and her husband Mike Suomela own and operate this business.


1970, 20 Jun, George Nakari retired as the manager of the Northern Farmers Co-op Store. Jim Saranpaa then became the manager, he retired in 1985. The store went out of business in 1992. The store building was destroyed by fire on 4 Oct 1994. The Cook Area Credit Union is now located at that site.


1985, 20 Jun, construction was started on the second floor addition to the Farmers & Merchants State Bank. It is now the First National which is a branch of the First National Bank of Chisholm. The building to the left was the Northern Farmers Co-op store.



Elma graduated with the Class of 1940

from the Alango High School

2004, 20 Jun. Elma (Ojanen) Enzmann 82


   Harry Enzmann


   Michael & Lorene Enzmann,

   Linda & Larry Allen,

   Peggy & Marvin Pearson

Elma's Parents
88, 1974 & Mary 88, 1974 (Rantala) Ojanen
Elma and her Siblings
   Walfred 79, 1987 & Altha (Anscomb) Ojanen

   Helen 78,1988 & William 36,1944 Heikkinen
   Sylvia 90, 2002 & Carl 93, 2005 Brown
   Esther 80,2006 & Einar 76, 1987 Pohto
   Helia 19, 1936 & John Hakala
   Sigrid & Art 79, 1993 Kontio
   Elma 82, 2004 & Harry Enzmann
   Elsie 80,2006 & Art 58, 1977 Palmer

   Arne & Evie 62, 1996 & Shirley Ojanen
   Raymond Ojanen 78,2010

19 June



Delich Pure Oil Service Station, 1959

1956, 19 Jun, Donald Delich Sr., received a skull fracture when the truck tire he was working on blew up, he recovered well.  Don owned the Delich Pure Oil station from 1950-1960. He sold the business to Irving Brodeen and Irv sold to Mike Picek & Russ Pascuzzi in 1964. This station is now closed. Don Delich Sr. passed away in 2003 at the age of 85. He is survived by his wife; Bernice (Trygg) Delich and three sons; Rev. Donald Jr., John and James.

1974, 19 Jun, Oliver Brodeen 50


   Victor 84,1971 & Myrtle (Hall) 87,1987 Brodeen


   Irving & Faith (Sundeen) Brodeen,

   Oliver Brodeen 49,1974


1985, 18 Jun, Art Ritter 70


   Virginia 55, 1975


   Ronald 68,2007 & Darlene 54, 1996 (Jacobson) Ritter


   Rolene Ritter,

   Valerie & Joe Amundson,

   Connie & Brad Simpson,

Darlene’s parents:  

   John 81, 1981 & Ida 77, 1984 (Paavola) Jacobson

18 June


1963, 18 Jun, Frank Pliml moved his Laundromat across the street to the present site of the Handi-wash which is now owned by Lloyd & Mary Gustafson. This business had been located in what is now the Human Touch Gift Shop. The present Handi-wash building was constructed as Pliml’s Electrical business.



Douglas John Johnson

Class of 1960

1976, 18 Jun, former Cook mayor and Minnesota State Representative Douglas Johnson announced he would run for the Minnesota State Senate, he did and was elected and has served in the Senate until retiring a few years ago.

1972, 18 Jun, Donald Martinson 48


   Nettie (Balke) Martinson 79,2009


   Randy Martinson,

   Gary & Shirley (Carlson) Martinson,

   Nedra Martinson.


   Hugo 70, 1965 & Esther 83, 1980 (Berg) Martinson


   Hyacinthe 68, 1984 & Herman Balke,

   Marion 89,2009 & Matt 73, 1993 Vertnik,

   Roger 64, 1986 & Virginia 85,2008 (Balke) Martinson,

   Donald 48, 1972 & Nettie 79,2009 (Balke) Martinson,

   Stanley 1979 & Flora Mae 60, 1997 (Willet) Martinson.


1995, 18 Jun, Pearl (Chapman, Bradbury) Ostlund 85


   Lewis Bradbury 1958




   Warren & Jackie (Nylund) Bradury

Second husband;

   Al Ostlund 65,1980


1999, 18 Jun, Wallace “Wally” Salo 65


   Barbara Nukala, Salo, Pozniak, Hongo 45,1986


   Tammy & Steve Cotten,

   Jeremy Pozniak,

   Amber Hongo

Second wife:

   Virginia Hoffman Salo



Edward William Sarazine

1954 Alango High School graduate

2007, 18 Jun, Edward “Bill” Sarazine 70


   Karen Sarazine






   Leo 51, 1959 & Elizabeth 75, 1990 (Kontz) Sarazine


   Norbert & Twila (Hokkanen) Sarazine,

   Bernard 28,1963 & Christine 67,2005 (Nissinen) Sarazine,

   Edward "Bill" Sarazine,

    Raymond “Tom” 61, 1998, & Katherine (Martinson) Sarazine,

   Corrine & Ron Maki,

   Rita & Jerry 63,2000 Cheney,

   Patricia 62,2004 & Gene Skraba,

   Jean Sarazine,

   Phyllis & James 62,2008 Anderson,

   Michael & Michelle (Ranta) Sarazine.


17 June


1977, 17 Jun, VFW Club building construction was finished and open to the public. It was built behind the Mecca Inn/BIC building. It is on the location of the Cement Block factory and the A&W Root Beer Stand from the 1950's.


2003, 17 Jun, Douglas Martinson 47,2003


   Rhonda (Hakkila) Martinson





   Stanley 60,1979 & Flora 60,1997 (Willet) Martinson


   Stanley “Punky) & Cindy Martinson,

   Lynette 55,2009 & Ronald 57,1995 Hakkila,

   Douglas 47,2003 & Rhonda Martinson,

   Theresa Martinson.


16 June


1960, 16 Jun, the first Cook Community Hospital Board was named by the Village of Cook Council. At that time the Village owned and was responsible for the operation of the hospital as the Town was indebted for cost of the construction of the hospital. By law there were five members from the Village and four from the rural area. The hospital was transferred to the District by the City Council on 10 July 1990, free and clear.


Officer Kertock and Mayor Corcoran

1986, 16 Jun, Randy Kertock was named the police officer for the City of Cook. He served until November 19,1987.


1990, 16 Jun, Manley Peacore 77


   Edna (Anderson) Peacore 69, 1990

(Ernie Lund’s mother’s sister’s husband)


1999, 16 Jun, Virginia (Stake) Scofield 78


   Fred Scofield


   Jerry Scofield,

   Sally & Keith Lemke,

   Sheryl & Henry Pierce,

   Jane & George Masco.

15 June


1939, 15 Jun, the Comet theater was under construction by Lawrence “LD” Gustafson 81,1975. He was married to Ollie and the father of three, John K. (Barb) Gustafson 64,1992, Lawrence D. (Donna) Gustafson Jr., and Susan (Richard) Pliml. He sold the business to LeRoy Pearson in 1970. Later owners were: Sam Maglere & Pam Dopko, Dane Frances and Doug Nakari, Joel & Dana Lawson. The current owners are John & Carol Metsa, they bought the business on 15 Jul 2000.


1956, 15 Jun, the Gustafson service station construction started, it is now the car wash across from what is now McDonalds.


1970, 15 Jun, George Nakari 68,1973 retired as the manager of the Northern Farmers Co-op Store, He had been the manager there since 1945. He was married to Violet 80.1986 and the father of two; Georgene (Dick) Kreeger and Kenneth (Judy) Nakari.


1978, 15 Jun, John & Verdella Musech bought Johnsons One Stop, after the fire that destroyed the Johnson One Stop Marine business. They built the Country Store and remodeled the motel.


Ray and his wife Helen

1979, 15 Jun, Ray Kelm retired as the Chief of Police for the City of Cook. He had served since 1975 and before that he was in charge of the City Maintenance. Ray worked at the Johnson's One Stop as a small engine mechanic. He first served as the Constable for the Linden Grove township. They now live in Superior, Wisconsin.



Roger & Joan Stewart

1986, 15 Jun, Roger 77,2008 & Joan Stewart opened their R & J Café. They sold to Bill Pasch, the building was damaged by fire on 31 Oct 95. Jack Luecken had the building remodeled and he opened it as the Café 53 on 31 Mar 2000. It closed on 1 Feb 2003. The building is now home to a used clothing store and a title company.

2000, 15 Jun, Robert Parson 82


   Mary (Belich) Parson


   Darlene & Michael 49, 1993 Elverum,

   Candace & Kevin Wogsland.


2001, 15 Jun, Eino Sikkila 84


   Martha Brandt Sikkila 53, 1974


   Ronald & Diane Sikkla,

   Arlene & Aimo Tervakoski.  

14 June


From the Cook News Herald, 1959

1956, 14 Jun, Richard Harding hired as the Marshall for the Village of Cook.

He is the one that stopped Johnnie Cash for speeding through town on February 19, 1959.


Bill & Zoe King

1957, 14 Jun, Bill King became the first Nett Lake resident to graduate from college.


1966, 14 Jun, Ray Gustason retired from the Cook Fire Department, he had been the Fire Chief since 1945. Ray was also the only Maintenance employee for the City, in charge of everything and he did a fine job.


1993, 14 Jun, the new bridge on highway #1 east of Cook 18 miles opened. It crosses the Little Fork River near the old Vic Zgaynor’s store in Celina.


1998, 14 Jun, Alvina Anderson Lund 94


   Thorvald Lund 55,1949


    Ernie 66,2003 (Shirley) Lund 

Second Husband;

   Edward Rooney 71,1971   


Corrine S. Spector, 63, of Cook, died on Tuesday, June 14, 2005, at St. Mary's Medical Center in Duluth, due to complications related to cardiomyopathy.  Ms. Spector was born on September 23, 1941, at her grandparents' farm in Sioux Agency Township, Echo, Minnesota. She was the tenth of the thirteen children of Mildred (Aarseth) and Lawrence Slettedahl. She graduated from Wood Lake High School in 1959 and St. Cloud State College in 1963. She later obtained her Master's Degree in Education with an emphasis in American Indian education in 1977 and completed her Sixth Year Certification in Administration in 1985, both at UMD.

Corrine taught English at Roosevelt High School in Virginia, MN. in 1965 to 68 and was employed by the St. Louis County Schools from 1969-1995. She taught English and speech at Orr High School and Cherry High School and coached competitive speech, was a yearbook advisor, class play advisor and homeroom advisor for many of "her kids."

She found her students to be a source of endless joy and was so very proud of all of her "kids." She tried to govern her life by two quotes: "Whatever is, is right." (Alexander Pope, English poet and essayist) and "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." (Often attributed to Confucius.)

Corrine was the first female secondary school principal hired by IDS 2142 (then ISD 710) and served in that capacity in AlBrook High School, Orr High School, Cook High School and returned to AlBrook in 1992. She was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 1994 and was placed on full-term disability in 1995.

During her educational career, she was active in the local, regional and state level of professional organizations such as the MEA and served as president of the St. Louis County Secondary School Principals, serving as the secretary-treasurer of the Northeastern Division and was also a member of the National Association of Secondary School Principals. She was one of twenty-eight Minnesota principals selected as a Bush Fellow in the Bush Principals Leadership Program V for 1990-1992.

Her hobbies and interests included canoeing, fishing, small game hunting, reading, writing, flower gardening, genealogy and photography. Although not a native of Northeastern Minnesota, she became thoroughly at home among the rivers, rocks, lakes and forests.

Corrine was an active and dedicated member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Cook, having served on its church council, including vice-president in 2004, and being church historian and on the building and grounds committee, and in WELCA.. She belongs to the Red Hat Society, Cook Garden Club, "Rappers and Readers" Group, Sons of Norway, and MENSA.

She is survived by a son, Jonathan (Julie) Spector of Chisholm, ; a daughter, Cassandra Bevin Spector of Hibbing, ; 4 Grandchildren, Jordan David Spector, Jennifer Karine Spector, Jared Lars Spector, and Reghan Jamisen Berg,; 3 brothers, Robert (Karla) Slettedahl of Granite Falls, MN., George (Linda) Slettedahl of Cottonwood, MN., and David (Carol) Slettedahl of Wood Lake, MN., ; 4 sisters, Shirley Lecy of Granite Falls, MN., Mildred (Ordean) Bruss of Roseville, MN., Barbara Gertsema of Columbia Heights, MN., and Lorraine (David) Thompson of Rapid City, South Dakota,; numerous nieces, nephews, and friends, along with her beloved pets: Maggie, Polly, Fannie, and Phoebe.

In addition to her parents, she is preceded in death by 5 brothers, Kenneth, Lawrence Jr., James, Dale, and Lars Slettedahl, and a brother-in-law, Lawrence Lecy.


SERVICES: Memorial services will be at 2:00 p.m. Saturday at Trinity Lutheran Church in Cook. As Corrine wished, there will be no reviewal, but family will be greeting her friends for one hour prior to the service at the church. Rev. Dennis Paulson will be the officiant. Kathy Forsline will be the soloist and Brenda Tibbetts the organist. Interment will be in the Echo Community Cemetery, Echo, Minnesota. Memorials are preferred either to the Trinity Lutheran Church Flower Fund or to the Cook Public Library.

Arrangements are with the Mlaker Funeral Home, Cook. 

13 June


The building on the left was the ice cream stand

1957, 13 Jun, an ice cream stand was opened at Johnsons One Stop, it had been moved from Gheen. The Stand was later moved to the old Reiks store location and was last used as the Northwoods Diary Bar, the building has been demolished. The Johnson's One Stop complex was destroyed by fire on May 10, 1977. John & Verdella Musech purchased the land and the motel. They created the first Convenience Store in Cook, the County Store which is now owned by their son Tom Musech.


1963, 13 Jun, Frank Pliml opened a Laundromat in what was his electrical shop. Lloyd & Mary Gustafson now own and operate this business as the Handi-wash


1977, 13 Jun, Russ Pascuzzi & Mike Picek bought Ronald & Rosemary Hokkonen’s Hardware, they renamed it the R & M hardware. Mike bought out Russ and renamed it the Hometown. Tim & Jackie Picek took over the business and moved across the street to what was the Fox / Makela Our Own Hardware building. They sold to Gary Hadersbeck. Now the Scenic Rivers Dental Clinic has relocated to this downtown location. 


1994, 13 Jun, Dick Johnson’s history book went on sale. It is a story of him and his parents,

Adolph & Viola Johnson. He recorded much of the early history of Cook. A copy of this fine book is

available at the Cook Library.


Paul Reuben Anderson

Cook High School Class of 1953

1959, 13 Jun, Paul Anderson 24, drowned at Frazee Bay, in Lake Vermilion


   Harry 69, 1968 & Esther 67,1966 (Eliason) Anderson


   Margaret & Paul* Sundberg,

   Irene & Luverne* Gullikson,

   Lloyd* & Rosalind (Johnson),

   Janice & David Nelson,

   Paul Anderson 24,1959,

   David Anderson. 

12 June


1975, 12 Jun, construction started on the Homestead Apartment building. Residents started moving in the 26th of January 1976. The Pioneer Apartments opened on19 Feb 1983.


Sewage ponds located a mile south of Cook

1985, 12 Jun, the sewer lines were being laid to the three new sewer ponds south of Cook. Our sewage is pumped the mile to the ponds. For treatment the sewage is transfered from pond to pond before being drained into the Little Fork River, twice a year.


1989, 12 Jun, the Cook Potlatch plant was boycotted by the area loggers


1992, 12 Jun, the Highway 53 detour around the old bridge over the Rice River south of Sherman’s Corner started today. The detour used the Tee Road to Hwy 22.


1947, 12 Jun, Hildur (Brandt) Hill 44


   Vaino E. Hill 73, 1969


   Kenneth Hill,

   Richard 0, 1937


   Glen Hill,

   Glory & Rocky King,

   Greg Hill,

   Genifer & Pat Krank,

   Gay & Kenny Mosbrucker


1994, 12 Jun, Marjorie (Brown) Lenocher 80


   George Lenocher 1962


   Swan 71, 1938 & Liisa 45, 1927 (Nivela) Brown


   Heide & Wayne Maki,

   Edmund 15, 1920,

   Carl & Sylvia 90, 2002 (Ojanen) Brown,

   Betty 83, 1992 & Clyde* Duncanson & Leander Johnson*

   Marjorie 80, 1994 & George Lenocher


1997, 12 Jun, Helmi (Lindgren) Autio 89


   Ted Autio 58, 1974


   John 73, 1947 * Maria 71, 1964 (Flanders) Lindgren


   Ero Lindgren*,

   Mary 88,1993 Herman Moberg,

   Helmi 89, 1997 & Ted 58, 1964 Autio,

  Sylvia 65,1977 & Maurice 70, 1986 Heglund,

   Toivo Lindgren 57,1970,

  Arne 59,1974 & Lulu 83, 2004 (Knutson, Lee) Lindgren,

   Wayne 64,1983 & Shirley Lindgren


Carolgene Betty Johnson, age 82, St. Cloud, MN, died Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at St. Benedict¹s Care Center, St. Cloud, MN.

Funeral services will be Saturday, June 16, 2007 11:00 AM at Calvary Community Church, St. Cloud, MN.  Visitation will be Friday, June 15, 2007 from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at Benson Funeral Home Chapel, St. Cloud, MN and one hour prior to the service at the church on Saturday.  Burial will be in Cook Cemetery, Cook, MN.

Carolgene was born November 16, 1924 in Chicago, IL to Elmer and Ida (Seline) Johnson.  After graduation from high school she worked as a secretary in downtown Chicago.  Carolgene became engaged to A. Richard Johnson in 1943 and soon after he left for two years of overseas duty in the Army.  When Richard returned they were married on March 2, 1946 in Chicago, IL.

They moved to Hibbing, MN and then to St. Cloud, MN in 1950.  Carolgene was a homemaker and assisted her husband, who was an agent with State Farm Insurance.  She was known for her hospitality, always having room at her table for guests.  Carolgene was a member of Calvary Community Church and served in numerous areas.  She also served in Christian Women¹s Club and volunteered for many years at the St. Cloud Hospital.  However, her main role was that of wife, mother and grandmother, which she carried out with love and joy.

Survivors include her husband, A. Richard "Dick" Johnson of St. Cloud, MN; daughter, Nancy (G. P.) Foote of Ames, IA; son, Bruce (Mary) Johnson of Charlotte, NC; six grandchildren, Kirk (Amy) Foote, Cari (Dale) Ekbom, Lisa (Ryan) Arneson, Beth (Craig) Hinson, Luke Johnson and Olin Johnson; and five great grandchildren, Claire and Linnea Ekbom, Ava and G. Kai Foote, and Annika Hinson.

She was preceded in death by her parents.

Besides her hospitality, kind and gentle spirit, love for her family, and love for her Lord Jesus, Carolgene was known to make the best chocolate chip cookies in the recorded history of man (as documented by all who ate them).

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Trout Lake Bible Camp, Pine River, MN 56474.


Lorraine Elizabeth Eliason, 71, of Hibbing, died Friday, June 12, 2009, at Fairview University Medical Center-Mesabi in Hibbing.

Lorraine was born on Aug. 19, 1937, in Hibbing to Orin and Mina (Bartlett) Urdahl. She grew up in Bear River and graduated from Alango High School in 1955. She married Will Eliason on April 4, 1964. They would spend the next 45 years together while raising three boys.

She did daycare from her home for many years and then spent time working in the Hibbing schools working with children that needed extra tutoring. She also worked as a convenience store clerk before retiring from Holiday gas station. She was a member of Grace Lutheran Church in Hibbing. She enjoyed camping and fishing and for many years was an avid bowler. She enjoyed family and especially enjoyed spending time with her sisters. She loved watching the Twins games and doing Sudoku.

She is survived by her husband of 45 years, Will Eliason; two sons, Bruce (Melissa) Eliason of Clovis, Calif., Jim (Lisa) Eliason of Hibbing; five grandchildren, Megan, Alex and Ben Eliason of Clovis, Calif., and Mathew and Tyler Eliason of Hibbing; special friend, Ryan Hamilton of Caruthers, Calif.; four sisters Irene (Frank) Samec of Hibbing, Hazel (Gaylen) Kehoe of Bear River, Mary (Alvin) DeWall of Buffalo, Evelyn (Mike) Levchak of Chisholm; and numerous nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by a son, Scott in 1992; her parents, Orin and Mina; sisters, Helen Fletcher and Linda Eddy.

Funeral: Services will be at 11 a.m. Friday, June 19, at the Grace Lutheran Church in Hibbing. Rev. Mark Palmer will officiate. Pallbearers are Rich Samec, Guy Kehoe, Tom Hedgers, Mike Peterson, Stephen Levchak, Tom Eliason and Steve Eliason. Honorary pallbearers are Megan Eliason, Alex Eliason, Ben Eliason, Mathew Eliason, Tyler Eliason and Ryan Hamilton.

Visitation: Will be from 5-8 p.m. Thursday, June 18, at Range Funeral Home in Hibbing. Visitation will continue one hour prior to the service at the church.

Burial: Will be at the Maple Hill Cemetery in Hibbing.

In lieu of flowers memorials are preferred to the North Star Hospice or American Lung Association.

Arrangements are by Range Funeral Home in Hibbing.

11 June


1935, 11 Jun, highway 53 had not yet been paved, it was opened for traffic in 1931. The main road before this was #11 which followed the railroad tracks through Cook.


1941, 11 Jun, Harold Cooper opened his café where the Fox Hardware was later constructed, the last occupant of the building was the Hometown/Hadersbeck Hardware. The new dental clinic is now located there. In 1950 Harold had his building moved across the street, it was used later used as the NAPA Parts Store and is now the Human Touch Gift Store.


1943, 11 Jun, the Village of Cook bought the land for what is now the Cook Airport.


1970, 11 Jun, flood waters still covered much of downtown Cook from the great flood. This is where I worked in 1970, at the Lobe Chevrolet Company. We had 52 inches of water in the office. This corner is the lowest elevation in Cook, at 1301 feet. Lake Vermilion is 1356 feet above sea level. The Lobe building was demolished in 2005. The white two-story building was the Cook General Hospital, it was destroyed by fire on January 22, 2000. The Cook News Herald is the low brick front building. Next is the drug store, the second story was removed in 1989.


1973, 11 Jun, Charles McCue 74


   Aleda (Lundgren) McCue 80,1983


   Florence & Andrew Lucachick,

   Donald 70,2000 & Lila 69,2005 (Barrow) McCue,

   Betty 78,2011 & George Soular 76,1997 & Charles 77,2006 Olliney.

   Charolette McCue 0,1936,

   Larry McCue,

   Virgil “Squeak” & Carol (Aune) McCue,

   Barb & Richard “Jack” Seopa,

   Thomas 55, 2000 & Karen (Trygg) McCue.



Opal D. Ranta, 80, Lake Vermilion-Cook, passed away at the Edgewood Vista Health Care Center in Virginia on Wednesday, June 11, 2008.


She was born Opal Doris Christian on April 11, 1928, at Nashwauk, to Clarence and Margaret (Johnson) Christian. She grew up at the Cooley location, was schooled in Nashwauk, where she graduated from high school.   She married Ray Ranta in Nashwauk on November 10, 1948.  They moved to Iowa, where she was employed by the Dean of Agriculture at Iowa State College, while Ray completed his engineering degree.  They had lived and worked in Lansing, Michigan, Evansville Indiana and in Minneapolis, before moving to Cook in 1977.  In 1979, they purchased Elbow Lake Lodge, which they owned and operated until 1988, at which time Opal “officially” retired.  They thoroughly enjoyed their winters in Florida and summers on Lake Vermilion.


She is survived of her husband of nearly 60 years, Ray; 2 sons, Jeff (Mary) Ranta of Stillwater and Scott (Pam) Ranta of Minneapolis; a brother, Jim Christian of Hot Springs, MT; a sister, Carol (Don) Koivisto of Hibbing; 4 Grandchildren: Emily, Kaili, Leah and Peter Ranta, along with nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. 


In addition to her parents, she is preceded  in death by a sister, Ruby Hoshal.

Memorial services will be held next Friday, June 20th, at 1:00 PM at the Mlaker Funeral Home  in Cook. Rev. Dennis Morreim will be the officiant.   A gathering of family and friends will be one hour prior to the service at the funeral home Memorials given will be directed to the Alzheimer’s Association in Opal’s memory.


10 June


The two houses to the right are now where the post office parking lot is locateed

1970, 10 Jun, it rained all this day, close to three inches for a total of over eight inches in the past 24 hours.This was Cook's greatest flood as the Little Fork River overflowed it's banks. The water was 52 inches in the Lobe Chevrolet Company dealership. I had all our new and used cars parked all over town, on higher ground.



Ned & Margie, twins Andy and Billy, Cassandra

2001, 10 Jun, Pastor Ned Eerdmann's last Sunday as the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Cook. He had served since August 27,1995. He left to become the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Fergus Falls, Minnesoa.


1970, 10 Jun, Oline “Lina” (Ness) Knutson 87


   Haldor Henry Knutson 82,1952


   Clarence 63,1962 & Florence 86,1993 Knutson,

   Marguerit 67,1972 & Gus 82,1970 Edwardson,

    Helen 43,1960 & Everett 53,1961 Bystrom,

   Ruby 78,1996 & Charles 41,1960 Pohl,

    Lulu 83,2004 & Arnie 59,1974 Lindgren,

   Gladys 83,2005 & Harold 83,2006 DuMarce,

   James 64,1989 & Helmy 56,1985 Knutson,

   Robert 76,2006 & Marvelle Knutson.


1974, 10 Jun, Evelyn “Eva” (Mann, Lee) Winchell 60


   Ted Lee 41,1950


   Nancy & Bob 71,2009 Lagerquist,

   Merry 63,2007 (Gallagher) Ongalo

Second husband;

   Clark Winchell 55,1974


In Memory of Martin David Reichel

1974 Cook High School graduate

1974, 10 Jun, Martin Reichel 19


   John Richard "Dick” Reichel 64,1994 & Shirley (Stenbeck, Reichel) Ojanen


   Kathryn & John O'Keeffe,

   Sandra & Ray Pinkerton,

   Martin Reichel 19 ,1974,

   Fred & Kirsten Reichel


1978, 10 Jun, Elmer Snell 59


   Marjorie (Bolster) Snell 84,2007


   Carolyn 61,2005 & Merwyn Metsa,

   Shirley Snell-Storm,

   Donald & Donna Snell,

   Jack 52,2008 & Vicki (Woolverton) Snell.


1983, 10 Jun, Peter Skraba 83


   Irene (Maizo) Skraba 93,2006


   Peter Jr.,





09 June


The Main Street of Cook, Montana Cafe on the left

1970, 09 Jun, this evening it started to rain, it rained all night, about 5.5 inches. The start of Cook’s worst great flood, it was about a foot higher than in 1950. Water came to the center of the intersection at the drug store. Water was up to the siding on our house and the basement was full. At that time I was a saleman for the Lobe Chevrolet dealership. We had 52 inches in the office area. I moved the new and used car inventory and parked them all over town to keep them dry.


1995, 09 Jun, Josephine “Josie” Udovich Benko 77


   John Benko 82,1992


   Marian & Jerry Carlson,

   William Benko. 


08 June



1970, 08 Jun, the City of Cook took delivery of a new ambulance, a 1970 Chevrolet Suburban converted to carry four patients. Bought from Lobe Chevrolet Company. The Cook Fire Department members and others from the community volunteered to man the ambulance seven days a week and 24 hours a day. This was the first City owned ambulance.


1996, 08 Jun, two cars were hit this day at the railroad crossing by Picek’s gas station with no serious injuries


2001, 08 Jun. Leon Turnham 66


   Mary (Tobkin) Turnham








2003, 08 Jun., Doris (Gustafson) Wilkin 77


   Ben Burton Wilkin 81,2007


   Ben & Tania (Lindquist) Wilkin

   Janie & Michael Nielsen


   Arnold 68,1960 & Alice 99,2005 (Brandt) Gustafson


   Elayne & John Necchi,

   Doris & Ben,

   Jo Ann & Burton Johnson.




07 June


1935, 07 Jun, Orr incorporated as a village, Scott Erickson was their first mayor. Cook was incorporated as a City on 13 May 1926.


1999, 07 Jun, Greyhound restarted bus service in Cook, it was again discontinued on 24 June 2003.


1989, 07 Jun, Elsa (Bakk) Johnson 77


   Harry S. Johnson 72, 1981


   Donna & Harry Salminen,

   Gary 0, 1952,



1992, 07 Jun, Walter Parson 86


   Annette (Rohn) 23,1936 Parson


   Shirley & Ernie 66, 2003 Lund



John Miner, Marge Miller, Maxine Oelker, Harlan Miller, Leah Miller Miner

1996, 07 Jun, Leah (Miller) Miner 52


   Jon Miner





   Walter 70,1981 & Marge 86, 2003 Miller


   Harlan Miller 63, 2004,

   Leah 52,1996 & Jon Miner,

   Maxine & Karl Oelker.


Richard Norman Folkedahl 66 died Sunday June 7, 2009 at his home in Myrtle Creek, Ore., after a brief illness.


He was born June 20, 1942 in Grygla, Minn., to Nels 75, 1993 and Margaret 79, 2000 Folkedahl.


He was a 1960 graduate of Alango High School and then joined the Navy. He held numerous jobs in his lifetime, completing nursing school in Wyoming, then moving to Oregon.


He was preceded in death by both parents and one sister, Sandra Slotness August 13, 2007 at the age of 68.


He is survived by one daughter, Jody, of Portland, Ore.; three sisters, Karen (Jerry) Mayry of Iron, Donna (Frank) Parzyck of Angora, Dale (Dennis) Hurst of Duluth; three brothers, David (Deb) of Weaterby Lake, Mo., Vern (Laurie) of Grundy Center, Iowa, and Neil (Shelly) of West Fargo, N.D.; as well as many neices and nephews.


FUNERAL SERVICE: 1 p.m. Saturday, June 27, 2009 in the Faith United Lutheran Church in Clinton

06 June


The Two-story building was the Fadum Hardware, the others to the right were removed

1970, 06 Jun., the old store buildings were torn down to make  room for the new Musech grocery store building. The one-story buildings to the right were first the General Store of August Buboltz. In 1937 he sold the business to Elmer Wataja and Bill Ongalo. In 1953 Bob Ranta bought the business. He sold to John Musech on October 01,1958. John later bought the buildings and had them demolished. John constructed a new steel building with a brick front, the building was finished and opened in 1971. The two-story building was the Fadum Hardware, the next owners were Ron & Rosmary Hokkanen, then Russell & Bette Pascuzzi, then Tim & Jakie Picek. The building to the right was the Corner Cafe.


1985, 06 Jun, James Saranpaa retired as the manager of the Northern Farmers Co-op Store after twenty years. He was the assistant manager under George Nakari 68, 1973 who served as the manger from 1945 to 1965. The business closed on 17 Sep 1992 and the building was destroyed by fire on 4 Oct 1994


Deborah L. Hill-Osborne age 64 of Brooklyn Center, Minn., formerly of Cook, died June 6, 2010 at Unity Hospital in Fridley, Minn. after complications from a courageous battle with cancer.

She grew up in Cook and graduated from High School in 1964. In 1968, she graduated from St. Scholastica in Duluth. After college she moved to Minneapolis.

Deborah married Henry Scherfenberg in 1968. Deborah worked for over 15 years at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and later at Fairview Riverside Hospital both in Minneapolis.

In 1998, she married Richard Osborne and lived in Florida.

She enjoyed art, antiquing, knitting, playing piano, and singing in the church choir.

She is survived by daughters, Amy (Randy) Hall of Champlin, Minn., and Sonya Pineo of Virginia; grandchildren, Rachel, Ryan, John, and Nick; siblings, Steve (Deb) Hill of Cook, Mary Erickson of Maplewood, Minn., Melanie (Art) Strobel of Maplewood, and Joe (Angie) Hill of Colorado Springs, Colo.; and 11 nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by husband Richard; parents, Raymond 80,2004 and Janet 69,1997 Hill; brother, Gary Hill 27,1979; and brother-in-law, David Erickson 42,1990.

Memorial Mass will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 9100 93rd Ave. Brooklyn Park, MN. Friends may gather one hour prior to Mass. Interment church cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, memorials are preferred. She will be remembered as a loving mother and grandmother, caring sister, and devoted friend who faced life’s challenges with grace and dignity.

Arrangements are with Twin Cities Cremation, St. Paul, MN, 651-645-1233. 


05 June



Ray with the Squad car, it was damaged by a stolen car in 1975

1974, 05 Jun, St Louis County Sheriff Department donated this squad to the City for our first police car, Ray Kelm was our officer at this time. In the past the officers drove their own vehicles.



John Simonson pulled in the ambulance with the wrecker

1985, 05 Jun, the City of Cook Ambulance was destroyed by fire while driving on highway 53, no one was hurt. There was a recall on the Ford vans of the time, many other vans had caught fire because of defective wiring.


1976, 05 Jun, Andrew Danyluk 64


   Julia (Eta) Danyluk 79,1996


   Judy & Don 58, 1994 Bixby,

   Julieann & Ronald Hanson,

   Mickey Danyluk,

   Lindie & Terry Newman


1987, 05 Jun, Einar Pohto 76


   Esther (Ojanen) Pohto






1995, 05 Jun, Uno Lehto 78


   Alex 73,1957 & Katie 69, 1957 (Kontiola) Lehto








2002, 05 Jun. Jean Hanson 80


   Roy Hanson 74, 1996


   Barb & Bud Ofstad,

   Jolene & Ken Blake,

   Gloria & Tom Lamere,

   Joan & Roger Whiteman.


Frank John Pliml 90, of Cook, died Sunday June 5, 2005 at St. Luke's Hospital in Duluth. He was born on July 12, 1914, at Virginia, the son of Frank Sr. and Antonia (Halulek), Pliml, and  grew up in Greaney. 


Frank served  in Europe and North Africa with U.S. Army during World War II., receiving a bronze star and other assorted medals.  While in the service, he married Vivian M. Champa on March 8, 1943, at Ft. Riley, Kansas. Vivian was the daughter of Louis and Mary (Rom) Champa.  


After his tour of duty, the couple settled in Cook. Frank and Vivian owned and operated Cook Radio and Electric Company for many years. The company fixed and sold electrical appliances, along with wiring projects.  They later started the Handy Wash Laundromat in Cook, and between the two , were in business from 1946 to 1972.  Frank was a founding member of the Vermilion Fairways Golf Course in Cook, and was a lifetime member.  He belonged to  the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #1757 in Cook. 


Frank enjoyed good health throughout his life, and hiked into and out of the Grand Canyon at the age of 80, and canoed and camped in recent years.   He enjoyed bowling, was an avid gardener, and enjoyed picking wild berries.  Frank wintered at Apache Junction, Arizona for 27 years, most of them with Vivian, until her death in 1992.


Frank is preceded in death by his wife Vivian on October 4, 1992,; 1 sister, Antonia Pliml,; 1 brother James Pliml,;1 sister-in-law, Evelyn Pliml, and 2 brothers-in-law, Jim Namchek and Bill Franklin.


He is survived by five sons, Richard (Susan) of Burnsville, Mn., Frank “Buzz” III. (Geraldine Polasky) of Greaney, John (Sukenya) of Shalimar, Fl., Michael (Kris) of Inver Grove Heights, Mn., and George (Robin) of Cook,; 2 daughters, Mary Lou (Terry) Germ of Duluth, and Roseanne (Walter) Anderson of Moose Lake,; 3 brothers, George Pliml of Cook, Anthony (Carol) Pliml of Cicero, Ill, and John Pliml of Duluth,; 2 sisters, Lillian Namchek of Eveleth, and Helen “Betty” Franklin of Chicago, Ill.,; special niece, Janet (George) McDowell of Duluth, along with 13 Grandchildren, and 9 Great Grandchildren.


Mass of Christian burial will be at 1100 a.m. Wednesday at St. Bridget’s Catholic Church in Greaney.  Fr. Larry Antus O.M.I. will be the celebrant.  Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Mlaker Funeral Home in Cook with a wake prayer service at 7:30 p.m. Visitation will continue for one hour prior to the Mass at the church.  The casket bearers will be Frank’s Grandsons: Joseph Germ, Erik Anderson, and Louis, Matthew, Andrew, Jack, and Paul Pliml.  Interment will be in St. Bridget’s Cemetery in Greaney.  Military honors will be accorded by the combined Honor Guards of the Cook Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #1757, and the Orr American Legion Post #480.


A luncheon will follow at the Social Hall of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Cook.

04 June


Cook High School

1974, 04 Jun, the new #710 Independent School Board held its organization meeting, it is now ISD #2142. In the past the County Board ran the school system. Arlee Olson was on the original School Board representing the Cook area.


2001, 04 Jun. Rose (Mancuso) Pascuzzi 98


   Anthony Pascuzzi* 1930


   Phillip (Arlene) Pascuzzi,

   Russell 82,2008 (Betty 68,1994) Pascuzzi.


03 June


1972, 03 Jun, the Cook Community Hospital reopened, it had been closed since 9 May for the lack of a doctor.


1991, 03 Jun, Matt Smith held a grand opening for his “Smitty’s” Café. Virginia Meyers bought the place in 1995 and it was closed for good on 28 May 1999. The building was demolished on July 20,2010.

1970, 03 Jun, Melvin Christiansen 60


   Margaret (Johnson) Christiansen


   Raland 73,2008 & Betty (Flake) Christiansen,

   Darlene & George Teska.


1995, 03 Jun, Delores “Dottie” (Helstrom) Flack 73


   Warren “Pat” Flack 1983


   Larry 26,1966 & Judy (Lenzen) Flack,

   Ronald & Kelly (Lenzen) Flack,

   Morris “Sonny” & Helen Flack,  

   Douglas & Linda (Eggert) Flack,

   Richard 40,1991 & Sonny,

   Donald & Brenda (Sandberg) Flack,

   JoNell & Dez Davis,

    Leslie & Diane Flack


02 June


1955, 02 Jun, village bought land where the hospital is now located, from the Abel Pearson Family. He was one of the first Homesteaders at what is now Cook. Willard & Roy Pearson grew up on this farm. The Pearson Homestead house stood where the "Homestead Apartments" are now located.


1962, 02 Jun, Virgil “Squeak” McCue opened his Loggers Equipment Company. He had bought the Helstrom Machine Shop business. This business was located where the Lutheran Church west parking lot is now.



This station was built by Martin Charles Martinson

1966, 02 Jun, Sulo & Ruth Jacobson became managers of the Co-op Service Station. This was the first service station on the new highway 53 which replaced old State highway 11. The station was constructed in 1931. There were a number of owners before the Range Co-op Society purchased it. The Lucky Seven Convenience store has since replaced this old service station.


1992, 02 Jun, City of Cook annexed airport area and the land between the city and the airport.


1991, 02 Jun, Richard Flack 40


   Sonny Simpson Flack







   Warren “Pat” 65,1983 & Delores “Dottie” 73, 1995 (Helstrom) Flack


   Larry 26,1966 & Judy (Lenzen) Flack,

   Ronald & Kelly (Lenzen) Flack,

   Morris “Sonny” & Helen Flack,  

   Douglas & Linda (Eggert) Flack,

   Richard 40,1991 & Sonny,

   Donald & Brenda (Sandberg) Flack,

   JoNell & Dez Davis,

    Leslie & Diane Flack

01 June


1936, 01 Jun, Mary Knapp became the first librarian of the Cook Library. Her husband Charles Knapp Sr. 71,1939 was the editor and the publisher of the Cook Newsboy which later became the Cook News Herald. They were the parents of Eva 82,1996 & Helmer "Ham" 75,1992 Holm, Cyril "Cy" 64,1980 & Mary (Haley) Knapp, Chalres "Chuck" 84,2006 & Olga 40,1961 (Ortandahl, Fallos) & Goldie (Benson, Lindquist) Knapp.  Lois Larson is the current librarian.


1977, 01 Jun, Bill Natatilo became Superintendent of the school district


1979, 01 Jun, construction started on Potlatch plant south of Cook. It opened on 4 Mar 1983.


1980, 01 Jun, Kris Squires named manager of the Northern Farmers Credit Union, she has since retired. The business is now known as the Cook Area Credit Union.


1991, 01 Jun, the Alango Unitarian Church was destroyed by an arson fire.


1992, 01 Jun, David Crocket opened the Human Touch Gift Shop. The Human Touch II opened on 14 Jan 1994.



Jewel & Marvin

2004, 01 Jun Jewell (Fitzsimmons) Chase 91


   Marvin Chase 71, 1979


   Ronald Chase,

   Darrell 69,2008 & Joan 52, 1995 Chase,

   Shelly & James Olsen

Parents: John 84,1971 & Ella 86,1975 Fitzsimmons


   Duane 87,1998 & Helen 89,2001 (Aro) Fitzsimmons,

   Jewel 91,2004 & Marvin 71,1979 Chase,

   Maxine 72,1987 & Marvin 62,1974 Nelson,

   Phyllis & Everett 56,1972 Seinola.