by Becky Trip

The Cook Public Library's 2018 Winter Reading Program is in full swing.  There are several different activities available for people of all ages.  On Friday mornings, there is Winter Story Time for kids, parents, and caregivers.  Each week there is a different theme, with books, games, and activities for the kids to enjoy.  On Friday, February 2nd, it was Ground Hog day, so the theme was ground hogs.  My daughter Elizabeth were there to enjoy it. 


The children follow Librarian Crystal around the library, looking for pictues of groundhogs that have been hung up around the library.


Storytime was spent talking about Puxatany Phil, the ground hog who comes out every February 2nd to see if he can see his shadow to determine whether or not there would still be six more weeks of winter.  There were also several books about animals that hibernate in the winter. 


The children enjoyed coloring a picture of a groundhog.  They then displayed them at the front desk.

Here are the dates and themes of the upcoming Winter Story Times:

February 9: Dinosaurs
February 16: Puppet Theater
February 23: Pet Scavenger Hunt
March 2: Spring Has Sprung


For every book that preschoolers through 6th Graders check out during the Winter Reading Program, one tree will be put on the library window.  If 300 trees are put on the window by March 2nd, the Friends of the Cook Public will host an Ice Cream party for them to mark the accomplishement.


And, for the Adults and Teens, the Winter Reading Program has...

Hot Reads for Cold Nights--Mystery Edition
Check out books this winter for your chance to win prizes at the library.  Adults and teens will get 1 ticket for each book or audio book checked out, 2 tickets if it's a mystery. Tickets will be drawn at the end of the program for a variety of prizes including books, bags and chocolate. Prizes are on display at the library.


Come out to the Cook Public Library this winter.  For a complete list of all of the activites happening this month, and for other upcoming events, go to their website,


The Moose is all ready for Valentines Day!