The First Day of School - 06 September 2016

by Becky Trip

Another school year has begun.  This morning, four of my five girls got on the bus and headed out to North Woods School.  My youngest still has a couple of years before she can join her sisters.  Remember to watch out for school buses and kids.  Stay safe, and have a great year!


We take a photo in front of our house every year on the first day of school.  My parents did the same thing with me and my four siblings from the front steps of this same house when I was growing up.  This year, we're in the middle of some renovations, so we couldn't take the photo on the front steps...


Let's go!  The first day is always exciting.


Grandma comes out to wave at the bus, too.


Elizabeth watches her sisters wait for the bus.


Bye Elizabeth!  See you after school!


Mr. Albertson from the Cook News Herald drives by and says hi, too.


Here comes the bus.


Good morning, Mr. Niska.


Elizabeth waves goodbye to her sisters and the bus.


And around the corner it goes...


Time to go back inside and wait for them to get home again.  Zoe has an away volleyball game tonight in Bigfork, so we won't see her until late in the evening.


Acorns on the driveway.  Aah...fall weather and school have arrived...a great time of year...