Happy Birthday


" Bailey  "


Bailey Jane (Soderberg) Conger



19 April 1954



William Conger



03 April 1976
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Children & Grandchildren

Mary Bliss Conger & Adam Conger Bliss

Soder Conger Bliss

Wyck Conger Bliss

Liam Francis & Charanna Lea (Smith) Conger

Elizabeth Jane & Paul Pretti



Bailey's Parents

Earl 69, 1994 & Dorothy 59, 1987 Soderberg

Bailey and her Sibling

Bailey & Bill Conger
Thomas Soderberg


Bill 's Parents

William & Anna Conger

Bill and his Siblings

Bill & Bailey Conger
Tom & Mija Conger
Carol Conger
Ginny & Frank Werner
Michael Conger
Johnny & Michelle Conger
James Conger
Kathy Lynch
Patti & Chuck Jolly


1972 Cook High School Annual

Bill & Bailey with their children Mary, Liam, and Lizzie

In the Conger family, they all have April birthdays, except for Liam, whose is July 3rd.  Bill & Bailey's wedding anniversary is also in April, on the 5th.