Becky and Muriel:  Ran across this old issue of the Cook News-Herald when we had editor/publisher, Wayne T. Evans.  What’s the relevance?  When we were traveling from the University of Illinois, we stopped at a restaurant enroute.  It was an eating place over the Turnpike called an Oasis.  I saw a paper on the newsstand there that had a front page story about tornadoes in Northern Minnesota.  I bought one only to learn that the tornadoes were in the Britt, Angora and Side Lake area.  Birch Knob, Dark Lake around Lake Leander and parts of Angora were wiped out.  Since many of the kids on the trip were state officers with the FFA and the FHA, and had attended leadership sessions at the State FFA-FHA Camp on Arrowhead Lake, they were very interested to learn if the Camp had also suffered damage.  It hadn’t, but once I got home, I called some of them and reported what areas were hit and the camp survived.  Wish I had a copy of the Cook News-Herald the following week so we could revisit that horrible event.  Anybody remember that storm?  Jimmy Saranpaa