by Muriel Simonson

In the fall of 1943, a group of bright-eyed, eager, some shy, some excited, some scared, even reluctant 6 year olds began the journey of 12 years of becoming friends and class-mates. The 12 years went by quickly and graduation day came in 1956.  Now, 60 years later, on September 1, 2016 eight of us, joined by a few from other classes met at the Crescent Supper Club to remember and catch up.

We enjoyed the scrapbooks, photos, other memorabilia, remembered the ones who are no longer living and had greetings from several who were unable  to attend.   To our knowledge there are two of our teachers still living, Kathy Leding and Robert Springhetti. Does anyone know of others?

As we sat around our table we each gave a brief overview of our 60 years since graduation!   It was interesting to hear the varied experiences, jobs, places we have lived. We married from 19 years of age and mostly early twenties. Several have experienced the loss of spouses, children, grandchildren. When we counted the off-spring of our 11 families gathered there, we learned there are 66 grandchildren and 17 great-grand children. 

As we left and headed back to our homes and destinations some nearby and some from distant states, we have made more memories.  Will we have any more reunions?  How many of us might be alive and well enough to have reunions in the future?  Life and years go by quickly! It is good to know all of you. Let’s keep in touch.


Our 1st Grade Class


Our 10 year reunion, 1966.


Our 20 year reunion, 1976


60 years, in 2016
Back l to r.  Dave Anderson, Rodney Edblom, Jim Nelson, Lloyd Gustafson, Ken Trygg
Front Mary Lou Sanko Peltonen, MurielAnderson Simonson, Phylls Hendy Cain

Missing from photo Martha Ludlow Baker & Roger Anderson


Joined by Liz Forsline Maas, Janet & Rodney Sanko & Mary Ludlow Gustafson