This is an excerp from Don Simonson's "About Town" on March 15, 2005:

The Montana Cafe

On this day, March 15 1996, Valerie & Jerry Ohotto bought the
Montana Cafe building and business from Don & Muriel Simonson.
Valerie was a long time employee of the Montana Cafe and had
worked for a number of the previous owners of the Montana Cafe
and other restaurants around the area, she has been a waitress
since 1980. Valerie has added a new kitchen as the old one
was just too small. The one thing I notice is how clean she
keeps the place which is most important for a restaurant.
Valerie also has been able to keep her employees which is the
mark of a good business. Patty Rutchasky has been a long time
waitress and Lynne MacDonald has been the cook there for many
years. Linda Flack was a long time cook at the Montana.
Valerie is a very hard worker and she has made the Montana Ab
Cafe into a first class eating establishment.

The Montana Cafe building was constructed in about 1914 as the
Brintz Meat Market and later as the Pajari Maytag Sales. The
structure has the record of being the oldest original building
in Cook. The drug store was built in 1912 for the First State
Bank but it has been remodeled. The Anderson Store built in
1903 is the oldest building but the log construction is
covered. Valerie had a new front constructed a few years ago
for this old building but the Montana Cafe has retained it's
original look. Nice to see some things stay put.....

After the Pajari Maytag Store closed, the building was
purchased by Allan & Diane Beaurline who converted the
building into a restaurant representative of the early days of
Cook. Rough lumber was used on the interior walls and a
collection of historical items were set about and hung on the
walls. Allan is the son of Lloyd & Mary Jane Beaurline who are
long time residents of Lake Vermilion. Allan's sister Sally is
married to Mark Ludlow. The reason the cafe is named the
Montana is that Allan & Diane were on the way to the state of
Montana when they stopped to visit family in Cook but stayed
to open a very unique restaurant.

Allan & Diane Beaurline sold their Montana Cafe to John & Barb
Kuyava & their daughter Laurie who sold the business to Gary
Bamberg and Miles Johnson. Sam Mangiere and Pam Dopko were the
next owners, they sold to Dane & Kirsten Frances and Doug
Nakari. Kirsten & Fred Reichel sold to Don & Muriel Simonson,
the rest of the information belongs to the Ages.