Duluth Superior Film Festival

by Becky Trip

On Sunday, June 5, 2016, a little bit of Hollywood came to the historic Comet Theater in Cook.  Two movies which had been filmed in Minnesota were being premiered here during the Duluth Superior Film Festival.  The film "After the Reality" was partially filmed at a cabin at Nelson's Resort on Crane Lake, and the film "I Am Not A Serial Killer" was filmed in Virginia, Minnesota.  

The Comet Theater was built in 1939, and it is Minnesota’s longest continuous running movie screen.  Carol Carlson, who owns the theater with her husband John Metsa, has created a unique movie-going experience.  The Comet is not only a movie theater, but also a gift shop and coffee shop.  A few years ago, a successful Kickstarter campaign allowed Carol to install new digital equipment, which saved the theater.   We are very fortunate to have such a business in Cook!  Congratulations to Carol for being chosen to premiere these films at the Comet Theater.



A Film Festival poster on the front of the Comet Theater.


River Street is full of cars from movie goers. The street is usually empty on a Sunday afternoon.


A film festival worker in front of the two movie premiere posters.


People lined up at the side entrance, hoping there will be enough available seats for them to view the movie.